Presenting 1st time in “Janseva Healthcare Plan” with new concept of “Zero Billing” to every Patient. Although the Janseva Hospital supports the principles of competent, compassionate, ethical care and excellent patient-physician communication, we are not an organization that is authorized to review specific complaints about care.

Introducing for the first time, the concept of ZERO BILLING.

Age between 5-50 Years Old Rs. 1500/year.
Age between 50-70 Years Old Rs. 2000/year.
Age above 70 Years Old Rs. 2500/year.


JANSEVA HOSPITAL has departmental functioning to bring the best cure quality

Dr. Kanaiya Borisa (M.D. Med.)
Dr kanaiya borisa having vast experience of the different institutes . He also had worked with J J GROUP OF THE HOSPITALS , MUMBAI. Dr kanaiya borisa is also the head of Critical Care Dept.

Dr. Pavan Pathak ( D.N.B. Med.)
Covering all type of medical diseases such as Malaria, Dengue, Typhoid, to High Blood Pressure, High Sugar, Paralysis, Heart Attack & Many More.

Dr. Nafees Qureshi (D.N.B. Gen. Surgery)
Covering all type of medical diseases such as Hernia, From Appendix,  Lap Chole, Intestinal, Obstruction, Breast Cancer, Cellulitis Debridment

Dr Vivek Nayak (M.S. Ortho)
Covering all type of medical diseases such as Major to Minor Fracture, Accidental Cases, Knee & Hip Replacement, Complicated Fractures & Spine Surgery

Dr Prakash Tejwani (M.C.H. Uro)
Covering all type of medical diseases such as Kidney Stone, Blood Stone, Urectris Stone, Prosteat Removal, circumcision, Bladder Cancer, & Many More

Free Pathology Test: HB, Platelet, WBC, Malaria, Parasite, Blood Group,Urine RLM, Blood Glucose, RBS, Fasting Sugar, Post Prandial Sugar

Kidney Profile: Creati, Urea, BUN, Calcium, Phosphorus, Uric Acid

Liver Profile: Ser. Bili (Total Direct Indirect), SGPT, SGOT, ALK Phosphatase, Ser Protein

Triglyceride, Lipid Profile, Cholesterol

If any other, will be in Less Price For Members Only.

Free (For Members Only)

Dr. Pankaj Patil (M.B.B.S DMRE)

All types of Sonography Free (Except OBGY) & Doppler

Dr Ashwini Paramar (DNHE-CND)

Working as part of a team & involved in providing a very high standard of specialist dietetic services in the community to patients & carers. Helping to translate the science of nutrition into everyday understandable information about food.

Experience of trialing and evaluating new and existing dietetic products. Experience in both hospital and community settings. Dealing with complex situations. Knowledge of infection prevention and control policies. Experience of working with the elderly, children, and

individuals with special needs.

Dr Deepmala Sharma (M-Pt)

Physiotherapy is a rehabilitation science, which aims at maximizing the functional potential of an individual who has a disease dysfunction or injury. Physiotherapy aims to help you to optimise your mobility, function and independence. It is a gateway to the path of better health and fitness. Physiotherapists work with the multidisciplinary team of healthcare providers in a wide variety of health settings such as respiratory, neurosciences, musculoskeletal (including continence service) and care of the elderlyto provide holistic care that is aligned with our patients' goals.We perform thorough assessments and design individualised treatment plans that may incorporate manual therapy, exercises .And/or the use of electro-physical modalities to optimise recovery.

Dr. Chandresh Jha (BHMS)

We offers homeopathy treatment for CNS ailments, respiratory ailments, cardiology, sexual dysfunction, gynaecological & obstetrical, skin diseases, paediatric disorders, stress related disorders, allergies and kidney diseases. People who resort to homeopathic treatment normally witness that their state of health and well being improves significantly. They become more resistant to infection and experience a greater sense of inner strength.